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Major Events in Genesis


This is a review of the major events in the Old Testament book of Genesis

Animals God seperated light from
Sodom Eve's first home: The _______ of Eden
Three The first one to sin
Egypt God ______________ the world
Vegetation What Abram did in Egypt
Murder Created on Day Six
Eve Created on Day Three
One Birds were created on day
Jacob Abram _______ by His Faith
Isaac Adam was created on day
Knowledge Abram's first son
Adam Babel was a
Five Destroyed by God
Prayer Sodom destroyed by
Lamb Jacob and Esau were
Justified What God created
Lucifer Talking to God
Moon The first murderer
Darkness Built an ark
Twins Destroyed by God
Ark The sun was created on day
Ishmael Created the world
Marriage Isaac's wife
Faith Abram's wife
Babel What Abraham was asked to sacrifice
Serpent Married Rachel
Esau Lucifer appeared as a
Noah One of Isaac and Rebekah's sons
Isaac Orgin of languages
Garden Where Abram lied
Created The first woman
Gomorrah Isaac and Rebekah's second son
Sarai Adam and Eve had the first
Four Abram's son of the promise
Brothers God rested on which day
Tower Created on Day Four
Six Adam's first clothes
Fire The first man
God Cain and Abel were
Lied Decieved Esau
Jacob The first sin
Seventh Dry land was created on day
Rebekah Noah Built
Cain Created on day Five
World Sacrificed instead of Issac
Fish What Cain did to Abel
Disobedience Tree of ______________ of Good and Evil
Leaves Time began on day
Jacob What justified Abram

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