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The Religious Impulse

J. Hartley

Grade 11 world Religions introductory unit 1

agnostic A societal arrangement in which women live with more than one husband at the same time.
spiritual An adherent of humanism including an outlook or system of thought that views humankind, rather than spirituality or religion, as the source of all value or meaning.
Ancestor worship Any one of the numerous ceremonial events existing in all historically known societies that marks the passage of an individual from one social or religious status to another.
religious impulse The journey to seek spiritual guidance undertaken as a rite of passage by some Native American cultures.
devil The psychic force that eminates from a person or object inhabited by a spirit or life force.
sacred Actions or practices forbidden by one's society or religion.
Dalai Lama A broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, particularily in relation to spirituality, mysticism, holism, etc.
tarot cards An early form of human being who lived in Eueope during the ice age.
assimilation A positive attitude toward the existence of many faiths in one society.
ritual The supreme spirit of evil in Jewish and Christian belief.
divination A city in Saudi Arabia, it is the most important Muslim pilgimage site.
di manes The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or an animal.
indigenous Any of a variety of religious beliefs and practices concerned with the spirits of dead persons regarded as relatives.
augury A person who believes that evolution explains the origin of the species.
smudge ceremony Of many faiths.
Makkah The art or practice of predicting the future especially by using signs or omens.
polygamous The feeling shared by a specific group for a particular territory with a political and social structure.
Animisn The art or practice that seeks to fortell future events or discover hidden knowledge, usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.
symbol A religious leader who calls upon the supernatural in order to treat disease. They may also intercede with the supernatural at the request of an individual.
rite of passage The "Three Wise Men" who attended the birth of Jesus Christ. It is believed that they may have been Zoroastrian priests.
multifaith A person through whom a deity is believed to speak.
credo A set of playing cards used in fortune telling that depicts vices, virtues and elemental forces.
nationalism The study of religion, especially religions with a belief in God.
religious Concerned with or belonging to the material world.
wicca Of, or pertaining to, the local region or area.
evolutionary A person who holds that no god exists.
humanist A system of morals or rules for human conduct.
Colonialism A societal arrangement in which the group goes outside its membership for suitable marriage candidates.
aura The ruler and spiritual leader of Tibet. Translated it means Teacher of the great ocean.
Athiest Concerned with sacred or religious things and related to the human spirit or soul.
New Age A mark, character, or other object that serves to represent an idea, process, or function.
pagan A person who doubts that humankind can know he existence of a possible god and the possible existence of anything beyond this life.
secular The policy or practice by whch a nation maintains or extends its political and economic control over foreign dependencies.
ethics The universal urge to believe in something beyond ourselves.
nativity The belief that one can influence others by natural means, such as by piercing a doll that looks like, or analogizes, the intended.
Taboo A prescribed religious procedure or performance.
soul The result whereby differing societies become nearly identical with one another because the larger or more dominant society absorbs the culture, identity, religion and ethnicity of the smaller society.
exogamous Devoted to religion.
theology A person holding religious beliefs other than those of any of the other main religions of the world. In the past this term was sometimes used by Christians to describe non-Christian faiths.
shaman The first five books the the Hebrew Bible.
Torah A pagan nature religion having roots in pre-Christian western Europe.
Totem A societal arrangement in which men live with more than one wife at the same time.
oracle A spiritual cleansing ritual performed by members of Aboriginal religions.
vision quest The birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.
Analogical causation A Jewish place of worship.
synagogue The religious belief that natural objects, natural phenomena and the universe itself posessess souls with consciousness.
Magi From Roman mythology, the ancestral gods of the underworld with whom the living join after death.
religious pluralism A type of guardian angel or spirit, usually represented in the form of an animal or plant, who caies important mystical, social and ritualistic associations for people. A totem usually guides, teaches, or protects its followers.
polyandrous Connected with religion.
Neanderthal A philosophy or a set of beliefs.

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