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Roman Gods and Goddess

Ashley McDaniel

No description

Bacchus Roman God of Love
Angitia Roman God of Sun
Quirinus Roman Goddess of Fruit Trees and Fruit
Venus Roman Goddess of Funerals
Cupid Roman Goddess of Fertillity
Fortuna Roman God of Seeds and Harvest
Lares Roman God of the Fields
Mars Supreme King of the Roman Gods
Saturn Roman God of Sun and Light
Mithras Roman Goddess of Wine
Vulcan Roman Goddess of Healing and Witchcraft
Vesta Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Arts,and Trade
Juno Roman God of Defense and the State
Pluto Roman Goddess of the Sea
Ops Roman Goddess of Marriage and Women
Apollo Roman Goddess of Beauty and Love
Minerva Roman Goddess of the Underworld
Faunus Roman God of Smithing
Pomona Roman Goddess of Flocks and Sheppard's
Neptune Roman King of Underworld
Pan Roman God of Seasons
Ceres Roman Messenger God and Commerce God
Libintia Roman Goddess of Growth and Increase
Pales Roman God of Heavens
Flora Roman God of Sea
Jupiter Roman Goddess of Corn
Diana Roman God of Gates and Dors
Proserpine Roman Goddess of Fertillity
Bellona Roman God of War
Janus Roman Goddess of Flowers
Maia Roman Goddess of Luck
Amphitrite Roman Goddess of Earth
Vertumnus Roman God of Wine
Mercury Roman God of Household and Estates
Uranus Roman God of Prophecy

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