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Ganga Symobolic of the physical universe
parvati leaves of specific plant offered on shivarathiri
Bhishma A sacred river in India
Open position of lord shiva right hand
varda murdra togather with brahma and vishnu make the hindu trinity
niranjan Master of Yoga
Vasuki Naga representing the male and female
maha shivarathiri mountain abode of shiva and parvati
Three no of items explaining the intergration of the physical,mental and spiritual.
rudraska the royal person who narrates the story of his past life
Damaru symbolic source of power and ignorance
Lingam A new cycle of creation
Crescent a festival observed to obatain the blessings of Lord Shiva
Tiger Symbolic source of creative energy
Mahabharata Symbolic of cycle of time
Nandi cannot be seen by the mortal eye
Lord Shiva the symbol for the worship of Lord shiva
Kailas Lord Shiva's consort
Trident the individual in the epic above gives a discourse on shivrathiri
kundala coiled 3 times around his neck
Ashes necklace with 108 beads
Chitrabhanu symboloses nada
vishnu the epic where the story of maha svhivrathri is related
bael symbolises will power, action, knowledge

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