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World Religions

Jason Lawrence

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Islam Youngest branch of Christianity/Broke away from the Catholic Church
Karma The basic tenents of Judaism and Christianity
TenCommandments persecution of the Jews by Hitler
Yoga Hindu holiday also known as the Festival of Lights
Five Muslim house of worship
Mohammed Buddhist spiritual leader
Isreal The Dahamapada is referred to as their holy book, but this religion has no "sacred text" in the truest sense
Cross Symbol for Hinduism
Mosque birthplace of Christianity and Judaism
Four spiritual leader of Judaism
Buddhism Branch of Judaism that can be described as "middle of the road"
Torah the most conservative of the branches of Judaism
Sunni The oldest of the religions descussed
Desire In the Hindu religion _______ means "obtaining liberation"
Protestant Birthplace of Islam
Rabbi the sacred text of Judaism that contains the first five books of the Old Testament
Diwali The oldest monotheistic religion that was developed in Israel
Priest Hindu house of worship
Bible symbol for Buddhism
BhagavadGiva Founder of Islam
Holacaust The youngest of the five major religions
Ohm What is the sacred textof Islam?
SaudiArabia How many "Noble Truths" are there?
orthodox There are 2 branches of Islam - Shi ite and what?
Judaism Sacred text of Christianity
Wheel According to Buddhist belief, pain and suffering are caused by what?
Koran spiritual leader of Christianity
Hinduism The Hindu belief that "what goes around comes around"
StarofDavid The basic tenents of Hinduism are found where?
India the symbol for Judaism
Temple birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism
Guru How many "pillars" are there in Islam?
Conservative Symbol of Christianity

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