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Purposefulness Following the rules
Courage You can trust me
Honor Not too much!
Cleanliness Getting yourself to do things
Idealism Art, music, inventiveness...
Justice I ... you because you are honest
Thankfulness Working together
Trust I'm so excited!
Modesty Opposite of mean
Patience I can do it!
Compassion Dress with ...
Unity "I understand how you feel"
Care Saying what's on your mind
Moderation Play fair
Enthusiasm Respect for spiritual things
Reliability Don't brag
Joyfulness Be happy
Generosity Gratitude
Prayerfulness Speaking the truth
Faithfulness Calling a grown up "Mr" or "Ms"
Detachment Helping someone out
Friendliness I'll keep trying
Courtesy Think about what others need
Trustworthiness Open-mindedness
Determination A task that is yours to complete
Kind Let someone off the hook
Helpfulness A smile shows this
Tolerance Give someone a hand
Humility Tell the truth
Creativity Living so that you can like yourself
Confidence Don't fight
Respect Pat the kitten with ...
Self-discipline Being polite
Responsibility Standing by someone
Assertiveness Doing your best
Truthfulness I ... you
Love Giving what you can
Forgiveness Wait for it...
Consideration I have a plan
Reverence Staying true to someone
Mercy Why we wash
Steadfastness I can change plans when I need to
Excellence Overcoming fear
Loyalty You can count on me
Peacefulness Take good ... of yourself
Obedience Being aware of God
Honesty Be careful what you say
Service Everything's in its place
Orderliness Letting go
Tact Accepting an apology
Flexibility I won't turn against you
Gentleness Make the world better

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