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Women in the Life of Moses

church of Christ

Words involved in the life of Moses, especially about the roles played by his mother (Jochebed), sister (Miriam), and also the princess of Egypt who raised him as her own. Exodus 2:1-10

Hebrews The daughter of Pharaoh had ___ on the babe.
Levi ___ stood at a distance to see what would happen to Moses.
Exodus Before God's people were called the Jews, they were called ___.
compassion The name "Moses" means "drawn out," as of the ___.
nurse Jochebed was from the tribe of ___.
reeds Jochebed hid Moses for ___ months.
Miriam Jochebed set Moses in a basket among the ___.
water river Moses set sail in
providence Miriam suggested the daughter of Pharoah get someone to ___ the babe.
bathe Jochebed's husband
obedient When the daughter of Pharaoh opened the basket, the babe was ___.
tarandpitch Miriam was likely being ___ to her mother by watching over little brother Moses in the river.
crying Jochebed made Moses' basket watertight with ___.
taught In the time she had him, Jochebed ___ Moses about his people.
Amram The ___ of God was responsible for raising up a savior for the Hebrews, both in Exodus and Esther!
three The daughter of Pharaoh came to the river to ___.
maid The daughter of Pharaoh sent her ___ to retrieve the basket.
Nile Miriam had ___ to speak to the daughter of the king.
courage name of the book

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