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World Religions


Vocabulary for World Religions

prejudice the method by which Jesus was killed
tenet the Islamic holy book
baptism the spreading out of Jews all over the world
Covenant also called Communion
mosque the belief in one God
Atman a solemn agreement
parable a Hindu God, considered the protector of the world
crucifixion emptying the mind of thoughts
polytheism the founder of Chrisitianity
Eightfold Path another name for God or other sacred beings
monotheism the Jewish holy book
church a building for worship for the Jewish religion
persecution a building for worship, especially in Chrisitianity
Torah someone treated as a savior
disciple a set of spiritual beliefs
Eucharist In Judaism, the rite of passage into adulthood.
prophet a building in which Muslims worship
Brahma a symbol or picture that is believed to have sacred powers
pilgrimage to treat someone or something as divine or to sho respect by praying and devotion
Jesus the sacred book of Christianity.
Sabbath a day of rest
Koran the subjecting of a group of people to cruel or unfair treatment because of their beliefs.
Guru an established pattern of observance of something sacred.
Bible teachings about beliefs
sect In Islam, the struggle to live a good life
messiah the basic beliefs of Buddhism
religion in Hindusim, the soul
resurrection the highest level of understanding and clarification
Enlightenment a ceremony in which a person is put into water to symbolize being pure. In Christianity, this is a major step in being accepted into the religion.
synagogue a negative opinion based on inaccurate or insufficient information.
Bar or Bat Mitzvah a religious leader or teacher
deity a building or area in which a group of people observing a religion lives together
worship a person who speaks for God on earth
sermon the belief that living things are in an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth
Jihad a literal or symbolic journey to a holy place
Allah Arabic for God
meditation term used for when Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified.
ritual the attainment of enlightenment and, therefore, release from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
samsara a simple story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
nirvana the belief in more than one God
Diaspora the basic beliefs of Islam
idol a set of fundamental beliefs
monastery a message from a holy leader
Five Pillars a part of a religious group with beliefs and practices of its own

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