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A very broad overview of Russian History

M. Hafer

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Lenin The "________ War" was sort of like an undeclared war between the forces of Soviet Communism and Western republics.
Politburo His name literally means "man of steel"--but unlike Superman, this guy was 99.44% evil.
Boyers Although the USA distrusted Stalin, we aided the Russians in their war with this country.
Germany In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the Russians and Americans competed in a race to ___________.
Bury In the 1990s, this system started to replace the old economic system.
Moscow Czar Ivan IV is known by this odd nickname--"Ivan the ____________".
Capitalism This lady was rather confusing--a powerful and manipulative ruler AND a lover of modernism and the French Philosophers.
Napoleon While the Soviets claimed to be Communists, party officials, athletes and other important folk were given cars, gifts and even fancy summer homes (called __________)--while the rest of the people lived in poverty or near poverty.
Terrible Until Czar Peter moved it, this was the capital of Russia.
Putin This organization was created to try to contain the spread of Russian Communism.
Religion The Soviet economic policy of the late 80s and early 90s
Stalin Like the Chinese, the Soviets did not allow organized __________--instead stating that they were officially an Atheist nation.
Space This is the current dictator of Russia--a dictator because he hold elections in which his opponents are jailed to prevent their campaigning!
Peter This is the organization in the Soviet Union that spied on the people to make sure they were 100% loyal.
Iron Wealthy and powerful lords who dominated and controlled many of the early Czars.
Cold This oligarchy ruled Russia from the death of Stalin through Gorbachev.
Siberia St. ________________ was the home of the Czars from Peter through Nicholas II.
Feudalism The first Russian revolution was in May and the Communist revolution was in this month.
Afghanistan Czar ____________ II was a very good and capable ruler--so, of course, some idiot assassinated him!
Catherine This leader foolishly thought he could continue the wartime policies of the Czar and still maintain power.
October The Russian army invaded this country in the 1980s and eventually they were forced to withdraw in defeat.
Expression Russia used the "scorched earth" strategy to ultimately destroy the armies of _________________.
Incentive During the Olympics and other international events, ____________ of Russians to Western nations was common.
Dachas This guy was the first Communist leader of Russia and can be seen even today in his glass coffin.
KGB Churchill described Eastern Europe as falling behind an "_______ Curtain" after WWII.
NATO Often, those who disagreed with the Soviet government were sent to mental institutions or sent to huge prison camps in this region.
Petersburg This man replaced Gorbachev and became the first non-Communist leader of Russia since 1917.
Defections While this social/economic system died out in Europe hundreds of years earlier, _____________ continued until almost modern times.
Collectives Stalin threw farmers off their land and made them form huge farms called ________________.
Alexander Premier Khrushchev uttered the famous phrase about America--"We will _________ you"--provoking Americans to think he was a naughty man indeed!
Kerensky ___________ the Great modernized Russia but was also known for being a cruel and absolute ruler.
Yeltsin In the Soviet system, speaking your mind or writing what you felt was NOT allowed in many cases since the Communist system did not allow Freedom of ___________.
Perestroika Because workers on the average assembly line or farm were paid regardless of their output, there was little ___________ to work harder.

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