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Manny Torres and Greg Duelfer

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septicemia process that removes unneeded clots after healing
anemia oxygen deprivation
blood blood clotting; blood is transformed from liquid to gel
reticulocyte the red blood cells that transport oxygen
leukemia erythrocyte formation; begins when myeloid cells are transformed into proerythroblasts, and ends when they become reticulocytes
erythrocytes study of blood
hematology condition in which our blood has abnormally low oxygen-carrying capacity (ex. aplastic, sickle cell, and athlete's)
hematopoeisis why our blood is red
hemoglobin baby red blood cell
coagulation white blood cells; crucial for defense against disease; produced through leukopoeisis
erythropoeisis stoppage of bleeding
hemophilia condition in which blood does not clot properly ("Bleeder's disease")
basophil refers to group of cancerous conditions involving white blood cells
fibronlysis help to clot blood following injury
hemostasis blood cell formation; occurs in red bone marrow
hypoxia situation of excessive and harmful levels of bacteria or their toxins in the blood; also called blood poisoning.
buffy coat thin, white layer present at the erythrocyte-plasma junction
platelets life-sustaining fluid that acts as a transport "vehicle" for the organs of the cardiovascular system
leukocytes Unique to the ABO blood groups is the presence in the plasma of preformed antibodies called
agglutinins rarest type of whit blood cell

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