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tyndalleffect Type of plast that chars when heated
gel The abrasive in toothpaste helps remove this from your teeth
plaque Mixture that contains particles to small to be filtered
cotton Type of plastic that will soften when heated
essentialoils Smoke is an example of this type of colloid
filaments Synthetic material used to make glad wrap, pens, straws and many other common household items
carbon Most monomers contain this element
polymer Common natural plant fibre
thermoplastic Wool is an example of this type of fibre
emulsion The phenomenon of light scattering when shone through a colloid
thermosetting Fine threads of hardened filaments
polyester Speeds up chemical reactions but does not change its form
natural Type of material used to make pottery and tiles
catalyst Type of plastic found in milk
colloid Fragrant compounds extracted from flowers
perfumes Mixture of a solid dispersed in water
ceramics The raw material used to make nylon and polyester
casein Many monomers joined together
spinneret Chemical reactions that join monomers together
polymerisation A common synthetic fibre used to make clothing
monomer Two different types of liquids make this colloid
petroleum Nozzle used to make synthetic fibres named after an organ used by spiders
aerosol Small molecules that can join together to form polymers
plastic Strongly scented chemicals are used to produce these cosmetic products

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