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Ch. 18 - Mositure, Clouds, Precipitation

Elaine Gwinn

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dryadiabaticrate temperature where a parcel of air is saturated
hygrometer directly converting a gas to a solid
fog a curl of hair, or high, white, thin clouds
localizedconvectivelifting directly converting a solid to a gas
convergence rratio of actual water content to how much air can hold
condensation process of changing a liquid to a gas
stratus heat needed for a change of state
frontalwedging a layer, or clouds that cover most of the sky
relativehumidity lifting of air by the coming together of two winds
cumulus process of changing a gas to a liquid
sublimation rate of cooling or heating of unsaturated air
evaporation all forms of water in the air
deposition lifting of air bysmall areas of warm surface area
precipitation lifting of air by air masses
humidity tools used to measure humidity
latent heat lifting of air by landforms, usually mountains
wetadiabaticrate when the air is full of water
orographiclifting amount of water vapor in the air
dewpoint ground clouds
cirrus a pile, or puffy individual clouds
saturated rate of cooling of saturated air

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