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The Structure of Matter

Mr. Fortier

Terminology encountered in the study of compounds.

electriccurrent example is sugar glucose
metallicbonds strong bonds as found in table salt
bondedions the combination of substances with no chemical bonding
alcohols tells how atoms are oriented in space
ballandstick bonds formed between oppositely charged ions
bondlength examples are mono, di, tri, tetra
biochemicalcompounds naturally occuring organic compounds
anions the combination of elements producing substances with different properties
mixture determines your entire genetic makeup
structuralformulas made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen
hysrogenbond Time information: Tue Mar 22 01:01:03 2005 Start Tue Mar 22 01:01:03 2005 Finish oxygen molecule attracted to a hydrogen molecule
alkanes ions having gained electrons and are negatively charged
polymers moving charges
spacefilling attractive forces that hold different atoms or ions together
prefixes made up of large molecules
molecularformula compound model shown with spheres molded together
cations the distance between the nuclei of two bonded atoms
covalentbonds compounds model represented by letters and lines
carbohydrate tells the smallest whole number ratio of atoms
compound bonds formed by sharing one or more pairs of electrons
aminoacids compound model made up of spheres and rods connecting them
ionicbonds covalently bonded compound made up of molecules
chemicalbonds ions having lost electrons and are positively charged
dna hydrocarbons having only single covalent bonds
bondangle having both ionic and covalent bonds
empiricalformula bonds formed by metals like copper
proteins tells how many atoms are in one molecule
polyatomicions have-OH groups, behave like water molecules
organiccompound made up of amino acids

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