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Cycles in Nature

Christian Emory

Chapter 19 Cycles in Nature

secondary succesion the breakdown of dead materials
decomposition the movment of water through oceans, the enviroment, and the atmosphere
pioneer species succesion grown after a natural disater
nitrogen fixation the first organisms that grow in an area
evaporation returning water to the enviroment
photosynthesis the movement of nitrogen in the enviroment to living things and back again
nirogen cycle bacteria in the soil are able to change nitrogen into gas
ground water the development of a community on exposed rock
carbon cycle when sugar molecules are broken down to release energy
primary succesion a gradual development over time
respiration the process of burning fuel
succesion the movement of carbon in the enviroment to living things and back again
water cycle water stored under-ground
combustion the process of plants getting carbon to make sugars
transpiration changes into a vapor
precipitation falls from the sky in a form of rain,sleet,snow,or hail

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