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The Diversity of Life


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Tentacle A benifit provided by Earth's ecosystem
Speiation An inherited Characteristic of an organism
Seed Dispersal An organism that absorbs food from a host and harms it
Adaptaion An insect or another species without a backbone
Endangered Protecting natural resources
Staple Crop Not the same as other things
Economic A brach od science that deals with classifying species
Evolve An example of a species
Pollen A system of production, distribution, and consumption
Interbreed To breed together
Specimen The process of change in a population over time
Urban An organism that provides food for a parasite
Ecosystem Diversity A crop that is a basic part of many people's diets
Compound The diversity of ecosystems on Earth
Rural A sweet liquid produced by most flowers
Conservation The information about a trait passed from parent to offspring
Distinct The evolutions of a new species
Ecosystem Service A trait that makes an organism better suited to its environment
Sample A soft-bodied animal that lives inside a hard shell
Taxonomy The diversity of species on Earth
Endemic A relationship between two species where both species benefit
Mutation A sudden change in an organism's genes
Economy Aaway from the city
Symbiosis Having to do with monay or finances
Species Diversity An armlike body part used to catch food
Mutualism A combination of two or more elements
Nectar Found in one part of the world and nowhere else
Trait A small part of a larger unit
Parasite The male reproductive cells of a plant
Invertebrate To develop and change genetically over time
Evolution A close relationship between two species
Mollusk Inside the city
Gene Scattering seeds away from a parent plant
Extinction The loss of all members of a species
Host A risk of extinction

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