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Environmental Science

Mr. Panico

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carnivore the producer grows, the consumer eats it, another consumer eats that
community area of land covered by water for a part of the year
ecology the supercontinent before plates started to drift
prey the average weather in an area over a long period of time
protein observed or gathered info from which conclusions can be made
snakes breaks down matter for recycling
species reusing discarded material
rain biome dominated by conifers
biome organism kills and eats another organism
pangea warming effect caused by heat rising and being trapped
variable the study of DNA
abiotic when a species dies out
smog feeds on the dead
consumer the 1st organisms to colonize any newly available area
biodiversity large storm that can created major erosion
globalwarming the "juice" for life
predator Darwin theory
biotic air pollution over urban areas, smoke and fog
greenhouseeffect widespread food shortage
acid permanently frozen biome
adaptation the earth is covered by these major bodies of water
pioneers rock that contains minerals
scavenger a group of organisms that can breed to produce offspring
naturalselection composed of fungus and algae
famine the maximum number for a population in a given area
hurricane the impressions left after an animal dies
lichen organism that is killed and eaten by a predator
taiga organism that makes its own food
water the way of life of an organism
habitat ph of 4 and may precipate as rain
drought waste disposal facility where wastes are put in the ground
climate form of oxygen with molecules made of 3 oxygen atoms, (O3)
erosion a group of interacting species
host the wearing away of topsoil, loss of beaches
fossil process of supplying water to an area by artificial means
hypothesis regions with distinct climates and organisms
oceans the precipation that brings water to earth
niche CO2 H20 Sunlight= C6-H12-06 Water
omnivore an educated guess
extinct a severe shortage of water
photosynthesis organisms from which a parasite takes its nourishment
recycling something that physically eats another species
ore predicted increase in earth's temperature
control eats plants and animals
ozone changed factor in an experiment
landfill these animals can eat much larger organisms than itself
population study of how living things interact with each other
web eats only animals
decomposer a change that can help an organisms is referred to as this
rural the number of individuals in one species in a given area
urban the tropical rain forest has this
irrigation word meaning a large city
carryingcapacity amino acids make this molecule
tundra where an organism may live
wetland living factors
genetics constant factor used in an experiment
data not a food chain but a food....?
competition non living factors
producer word meaning a desolate country area
foodchain often happens between members of one species

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