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Erosion and Deposition

Vocabulary Crossword

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load beach formed by longshore drift that projects into the water
stream wide valley through which a river flows
energy small depression that forms when a chuck of ice is left in glacial till
rill movement of water and sediment down a beach when waves come in to shore at an angle
glacier amount of sediment that a river carries
continental glacier meander cut off from a river
oxbow lake one of several processes by which gravity moves sediment downhill
beach deposit of wind-blown sand
deposition large mass of moving ice and snow on land
sand dune the time period Earth's surface was covered by large continental glaciers
mass movement wind erosion that removes surface soil
gravity process by which fresh water from a river meets salt water from the ocean
runoff wide sloping sediment deposit formed where a stream leaves a mountain ridge
erosion ridge formed by the till deposited at the edge of a glacier
sediment wave-washed sediment along a coast
till glacier that covers much of continent
plucking wind-formed deposit made of fine particles of clay and slit
meander sediments deposited directly by a glacier
longshore drift earth materials deposited by erosion
ice age sediment landfrom deposited formed where a river flows into an ocean or lake
valley glacier looplike bend in the course of a river
loess part of the shore that sticks out into the ocean
headland ability to do work, cause change
allivial fall process by which a glacier picks up rocks as it flows over the land
spit the galcier that forms when sno and ice build up in a mountain valley
moraine force that moves rocks and other materials downhill
flood plain process in which sediment is laid down in new locations
delta water that flows over the ground surface rather than soakig into the ground
kettle channel through which water is continually flowing downhill
deflation tiny groove in soil made by flowing water

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