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Final Exam Review

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groups the bending of a wave as it passes around an obstacle
covalentbond this group of elements occupies the upper right corner of the periodic table
wavelength the size of the waves disturbance
pulse the time it takes for earth to make one revolution around the sun
reflection the crust and upper mantle make up this
Mendeleev the milky way is this type of galaxy
divergent how long does it take the earth to make one complete rotation on its axis
oneyear the distance light travels in one year
chemicalbond the horizontal rows on the periodic table are organized into these
superposition s-waves can only travel through this
bigbangtheory NaCl is an example of this type of bond
epicenter the exact age of a fossil
tectonicplates an opening in the earth's crust through which an eruption takes place
lithosphere a chemical reaction that releases energy
gamma the top of a wave
era all of earths weather occurs in this layer of the atmosphere
spiral an attractive force that holds atoms together
earthquake the point on the earths surface directly above the focus
metalloid the first person to successfully use a telescope
volcano the vertical columns on the periodic table are organized into these
diffraction a crack in the earth's crust
product this person is credited for developing the first periodic table
electron the theory that suggests all matter that exists today was concentrated in a small object then exploded
pluton ___ rays have the highest frequency on the EMS
nova HCl is an example of this type of bond
fault the supercontinent that means "all earth"
oneday the substance that participates in the chemical reaction
ringoffire a metal that can be hammered out or rolled into thin sheets
absoluteage the bending of a wave as it passes from one medium to another
refraction the sudden brightening of a white dwarf
exothermic the place where over 50% of earth's volcanoes are locates
troposphere a metal that can be pulled through a wire is
amplitude an element with properties of both metals and nonmentals
three the skaking of earths crust caused by a release of energy
fossil the number of seismograph stations needed to determine the epicenter of an earthquake
periods the bottom of the wave
luster the tendancy of a surface to be a good or poor reflector of light
lightyear the law of ___ states that the oldest rocks are on the bottom and the youngest rocks are at the top
synthetic elements that are manufactured in the laboratory are called
period the smallest unit of geologic time
pangaea another name for an igneous intrusion
galileo the point on the fault plane at which the first earthquake movment occurs
focus the average weather over a long period of time
trough the subatomic particle that is actively involved in bonding
crest a chemical reaction that absorbs energy
endothermic any evidence of earlier life
ionicbond ___ boundaries are moving away from each other
ductile a ___ is what an era in geologic time is divided into
malleable when the angle of reflection = the angle of incidence it is called the law of ____
galaxy a single back and forth motion of a wave
astronomy pieces of lithosphere that move around on top of the asthenosphere
climate the end result in a chemical reaction
nonmetals ___ boundaries are moving towards each other
solids a large grouping of billions of stars clustered together
convergent the distance from the top of one wave to the top of the next wave
reactant the study of the universe

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