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Fall Final Review


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covalent A mixture of two or more metals.
noblegas Matter that cannot be seen even with a microscope is said to be?
gamma Two protons and two neutrons make up a(n) __?
blank The time required for 1/2 of a radioactive sample to decay.
increases In beta decay, the atomic number ___ by one but the mass number remains the same.
physical Carbon-12 and Carbon-14 are examples of ?
solid Eight valence electrons.
formula More than 80% of the elements are of what type?
metalloids The most difficult radiation to block is ___?
valence ____ spaces were left in Mendeleev's PT for undiscovered elements.
octet States that the properties of the elements repeat by a pattern if arranged in increasing atomic number order.
period A Lewis Structure represent valence electrons as ___ placed around a chemical symbol.
ion Na2SO4 represents a chemical _____.
submicroscopic Compared to a proton the charge of an electron is equal but ___?
ionic Name of the family of unreactive elements.
solution Groups 3-12 on the periodic table are known as the ___ elements.
dots Atom that has gained or lost electrons and has a charge.
electron During nuclear fission, the subatomic particle that is released is a(n) __?
transition First subatomic particle discovered.
halflife Total number of protons in an atom.
isotopes A change that does not affect the identity of a substance.
fusion The splitting of a nucleus.
alpha A covalent bond tends to form between two ___ elements.
nonmetal Protons and neutrons are found in the ___ of the atom.
alloy At room temperature, most elements are in what state?
family One substance completely dissolved in another.
metals A horizontal row of elements on the PT.
neutron The joining of two smaller H nuclei to form a He nucleus.
fission Reactions between two atoms involve ____ electrons.
atomicnumber Two oppositely charged particles form an ___ bond.
nucleus A bond between two element from the same family would most likely be this type.
periodiclaw Has properties of both metals and nonmetals.
opposite A vertical column of elements.

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