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Chris Guevara

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Colorless Liquid Germaium is a _________.
Night vision Germanium is also used in infrared ________ systems.
Cost who predicted Germanium to exist?
melting point What is germanium named after?
Metalliod _________ is found in argyrodite, coal, germanite, zinc ores, and other minerals.
Dmitri Mendeleev The ________ of germanium is 72.59
density The ________ of germanium is 535 g/cm.
transistor Germanium was aslo used in _________ communication networks.
Eighteen Eighty Six Germanium tetrachloride is a ________ used as a reagent in fiber optics.
Fiber Optics The development of the germanium________opened the door to countless applications of solid state electronics.
Germanium The existence of this element was proven in what year?
atomic mass This is the chemical formula for what? GeO2
Germanium Oxide The ________of germanium is 947 c
Germany The ____ of germanium is $.88 a gram.

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