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Ryan Roberts

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Remanance The tendency for a magnetic material to be more easily magnetized in certain directions. It is this anisotropy that stabilizes magnetism to allow it to be used
Angleofdeclination imaginary lines that indicate the direction and strength of a magnetic field
Magnetopause a navigational device consisting of a magnet free to swing horizontally so that it always points north
Magnetosphere A magnetic dipole. Moments will align with a uniform field due to the torque exerted but will experience a force in a field gradient.
Ferromagnet the extent of the earth?s magnetic field in space
Lawofmagneticpoles an imaginary circle around the earth halfway between the poles
Magnet A magnetically ordered material where all the moments are aligned in the same direction, giving rise to a large net magnetization. The name is derived from the Latin word for iron, which is the most common example of such a material.
Magnetism A small region within a ferromagnet that is uniformly magnetized in a certain direction.
Lawofmagneticforce A material that develops a magnetic moment opposite to any applied field.
Magneticcompass two donut shaped belts of high speed charged particles centered over the magnetic equator
Linesofforce the angle that a compass needle deviates from true geographic north
Magneticequator lines on a map connecting locations having equal angles of dip
Poles the extent to which a material can absorb or channel lines of magnetic force
VanAllenradiation belts The amount of magnetization remaining after a ferromagnet has been magnetized in an applied field.
Isocliniclines A plot of magnetization against applied field for a ferromagnet exhibits hysteresis - it is not the same on forward and reverse sweeps. The open area between the two branches of the curve forms a loop.
Moment an object capable of attracting objects by a magnetic force
Permeability the outer boundary of the magnetosphere
Solarwind the region surrounding a magnet in which other objects are affected by magnetism
Diamagnet unlike poles attract, but like poles repel
Paramagnet force between two magnetic poles is directly related to the product of the pole strength and inversely related to the square of the distance of the poles
Anisotropy property of attracting objects by the magnetic force
Magneticfield a stream of protons and electrons that emanate from the sun
Antiferromagnet A magnetically ordered material where the moments on each atomic site cancel with their neighbors so that the overall moment is zero.
Domain the region of a magnet where its attractive and repulsive properties are concentrated
Hysteresisloop A material that develops a magnetic moment parallel to any applied field. It contains microscopic permanent moments, like a ferromagnet, but the difference is they are only weakly interacting so that no long-ranged order can develop.

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