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vapours The amount of space any matter takes up is called ________.
solid The more energy the matter has the more the __________ are moving around.
melting All things made of tiny particles is called ________.
evaporation When water particles start to slow down this is called the _________ point.
sublimation Water _________ in clouds turns into water when it rains.
mass Everything in the universe is made up of _________ and energy.
gas When a solid can turn into a gas this is called _________.
atoms This type of matter has volume but does not hold its shape.
condensation This type of matter has no definite shape and spreads out to fill the space that it is in.
liquid When a solid turns into a liquid this is called ________.
density The changing of a liquid into a gas.
volume The amount of matter in an object is called ________.
clouds The amount of water in a given volume is called ________.
matter The surface of a liquid warms up and turns into a gas.
freezing When a water vapour cools down and turns back into a liquid water this is called _________.
energy Something that is a GIANT mass of water vapours.
particles A change in property of matter requires a change in _________.
vaporization This type of matter holds their shape.

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