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Medical Abbreviations


This puzzle is designed to reinforce proper abbreviation translation by Abstractors.Instructions: 1) spell out abbreviations that are listed, or 2) provide the correct abbreviation for terms/phrases that are listed

BID lb
EKG EDC (pregnancy due date)
tablet A.U.
microgram Every Hour
morning Electroencephalogram
MVA pulv
directions P.O.
beforemeals a.c.
after meals As Needed
orally O.U.
righteye A.S.
inject aa
supp ud
ofeach Ung
cream INJ
QH Every Other Day
bloodpressure qpm
up to oz
everyevening A.M.
drop BP
left ear O.S.
asdirected hr
DME Magnetic Resonance Imaging
TID Once a Day
atbedtime Gr
IVF Suppository
grain Now, Immediately
qd S.L.
pound Electrocardiogram
Q.O.D. Durable Medical Equipment
ointment Date of Birth
Expected Date of Confinement Sig
ss Tab
fourtimesaday Every Hour
qh Intramuscular
EEG One Half
milliequivalent mEq
right ear tsp
computedtomography O.D.
intravenous AMA
left eye A.D.
rectally crm
teaspoon I.V.
both ears Three Times a Day
stat h.s.
qam p.c.
powder Home Exercise Plan
botheyes Every Morning
ounch Two Times a Day
vaginally Q.I.D.
againstmedicaladvice mcg
hour Intravenous Fluids
sublingually Electromyogram
DOB Motor Vehicle Accident
esophagogastroduodenoscopy qs

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