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Minerals and Rocks

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scheelite igneus rock forms when lava erupts and cools
marble example of a mineral with cleavage
silica hard colorful mineral
color hardest mineral of all, its also used for _______________
cleavage slow cycle that builds, destroys and changes Earths surface
prospector when elements and compounds that are dissolved in water leave a solution, this occurs
hardness material formed from oxygen and silicon
slate mineral that splits easily is said to have
solution characteristic of mineral, it cant form from materials that were once part of living things
solid particles carried away from their source by water or wind
silver searches for a ore deposit
chemical mixture in whic one substance is dissolved in another
intrusive if a mineral is more dense than water it will
nonfoliated rocks are made of particles of minerals or other rocks that geologists call
inorganic example of metamorphic rock 1
limestone characteristic of mineral,formed by processes in natural world
compactation characteristic of mineral, pattern that repeats itself
fracture example of sedimentary rock
density characteristic of mineral, its particles are packed together tightly
rockcycle mineral that is a source of metal
aragonite look and feel of a rock surface
organic the crystals of each mineral grow atom by atom to form that mineral's :
metamorphicrock metamorphic rocks with grains arranged in parallel layers
1g/ml characteristic property of a mineral used to identify it, color of its powder
grains example of a mineral with reactivity
float example of a mineral with fracture
streak gemstones that are cut and polished
crystalsystem example of a flourescent mineral
reactivity igneus rock forms when magma hardened beneath Earths surface
igneus mineral property that makes it glow under UV light
crytals characteristic property of a mineral used to identify it, easily observed by sight
mica type of sed rock formed when remains of plants and animals deposited
luster characteristic property of a mineral used to identify it, mass in a given space
crystalstructure one of three major groups of rocks 2
clastic metamorphic rocks grains arranged randomly
talc type of sedimentary rock formed whenparticles squeezed together
gem characteristic property of a mineral used to identify it, how light is reflected on its surface
igneusrock one of three major groups of rocks 3
vein forms when particles of other rocks or remains of plants and animals are cemented together
sedimentarytock mineral that breaks in an irregular way is said to have
crystallization ancient Egytians used it for statues
metamorphic mineral property that makes it reacts chemically to acids
definitechemicalcomposition when liquids cool to a solid state they form
erosion narrow channel or slab of rock
gemstone forms when existing rock is changed by heat, pressure or chemical reactions
texture example of metamorphic rock 2
quartz if a mineral is less dense than water it will
fluorescence particles deposited as loosely packed sediment
diamond characteristic of mineral, always contains certain elements in definite proportions
granite softest mineral of all, its also used for ___________
coral particles glued together as mineral solutions harden
deposition type of sed rock formed when minerals dissolved in solutions crystallize
foliated characteristic property of a mineral used to identify it, based on a scale
naturallyocurring density of water
sedimentary forms from the cooling of magma or lava
sink particles squeezed together under great pressure
extrusive one of three major groups of rocks 1
cementation polyp like animal that has calcium carbonate skeleton

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