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Mojave Desert Plants and Animals

Garrett Hicks

No description

hedgehog Type of cactus that grows many stems
lizard Related to the dog
mojave This desert is found in southern California and Nevada
mormontea California state flower
juniper Some as old as 1,500 years
mountainlion Can live up to 10,000 years old
creosote Element needed for all living things
hike Can grow over 100 years and has lavendar flowers
joshuatree Can grow to be 15-40 feet tall
roadrunner Gives a rattle warning sound
ants Mammal that has a white, cotton-like tail
coyote medium size bird that runs more than it flies
californiapoppy Many people like to do this in the national park
saguaro makes their home in hills
beavertailcactus A snake-like creature with legs
desertmistletoe Drills holes in trees and other plants looking for insects
quail Has extra-long ears and hind legs
rattlesnake Builds nest in cholla cactus
water Parisitic plant
cottontailrabbit A cylinder shaped member of the cacti family
jackrabbit Large slow-growing cactus native to Arizona
sand Has a hard shell for protection
deserttortoise Plant used by early settlers for medicinal purposes
desertwillow Large carnivorous cat
rockclimbing Area set aside by the government to preserve nature
woodpecker Leaves pellets of undigested food
barrelcactus Can lay and hatch as many as 25 eggs in a nest
cactuswren Cactus that can live over 100 years
owl Type of soil found the desert
nationalpark A helmet and harness are recommended for this

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