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Science Final Task

Ally Burns

No description

Breaker a machine that orbits the sun.
Penis an object that has so much gravity that not even light can escape it
Negative Charge the measure of resistance of a liquid
Switch change of state from a liquid to a gas
Milky way the male sex horomone
Binary Stars a mixture of two or more compounds
Volume a device for turning electric current on and off
Electrolyte positvely charged particle forming part of the nucleus of an atom
The moon the course that planets take around the sun.
Neutron The weight of a substance
Meteor a switch that auotmaticly breaks an electric circuit when a large amount of current flows through
Satellite in a cell, a structure carrying genetic material from the parent cell
Density a group of stars that form a pattern.
Atmosphere the female sex horomone
Freezing an interconnection of electrical elements
Colloid two single stars orbiting one another
Constellations a large rock that enters the earths atmosphere burning hott and bright
Menstration an external sexual organ on the males anatomy
Conductors a material that resists movable electric charges
Metaphase the process by which genetic material duplicated divides into two identical sets of chromosons
Insulators a body that orbits around the sun.
Embyro change of state from a liquid to a solid
Proton a type of mechanical mixture, where one or more substances are evenly distributed
Chromosone substance release from certain glands to control particular body activities
Element a particle carrying no charge and forming part of the nucleus of an atom
Mass a fertilliazed egg during early development
Electron the amount of space matter consumes
Microscope the sun, all the planets, and all the constellations in it.
Positive Charge a huge accumulation of stars, gas and dust held together byt gravity
Comet the amount of mass in a certain unit volume of a substance
Solute a term referring to matter having niether a negative nor a positive electric charge
Viscosity a substance that desolves in a solvent
Solvent an instrument used for veiwing objects that are to small to see with the naked eye
Black hole the monthly shedding of the uterine linning that occurs if fertiliazation does not occur
Chemical Property a rock that orbits the sun and has a tail, which is dusk and other debree
Light Year a combination of electrons cells that produce a potental difference
Galaxy a flow of electric charge
Estrogen a type of pure substance that cannot be broken down
Current carried by protons
Planet in a cell, an organelle with double layered membrane surrounding the cell's DNA
Homogenerous a Homogenerous mixture of two or more pure stubstances
Testosterone the distance that a beam of light travels in a vacuum in one year
Battery a thin layer surrounding the earth
Fertilization the process by which DNA from each parent combine to form one new cell
Mitosis a pure substance that desolves to form a solution
Circuits a negativly charged particle found orbiting the nucleus of an atom
Neutral the galaxy that includes out sun, earth, appears as a hazy white band in the sky
Nucleus the stage in which duplicated chromosones are in a line across the middle of the cell
Heterogenerous carried by electrons
Vagina describes the ability of a substance to react with another chemical
The Solar System a pure stubstance with only one compound
Cloning a muscular passageway leading from the uterus to the outside of the females anatomy
Evaporation the process of making an exact copy of another living organism
Orbit a solution that can conduct an electric current
Solution a large rock orbiting the earth.
Horomone a material which contains movable electric charges

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