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Scientific Method

Tarsha Calip

Use the clues to help you fill in the puzzle

data observation containing numbers and measurements
dependent variable factor in an experiment that does not change
treatment a study of data for patterns, error and meaning
predictions observation made using your senses
Qualitative observation an assumption based on limited information or knowledge.
conclusion statement that can be tested
constant a question which calls for an investigation
problem steady; uninterrupted
continuous factor being measured in an experiment
Inferences a test of the hypothesis, seeing if two variables have a cause
trial the one factor change by the person doing the experiment
Quantitative observation diagram that shows the relationship between the IV
graph to declare in advance
variable things that change or can be changed
independent variable when a treatment is tested more than once
theory conclusion based on an observation
repeated trial the different measures of the independent variable
analysis each test of a treatment
hypothesis information, mostly numbers with units
experiment the last part of an experiment where the findings are summarized
data table t-chart used to record information collected during an experiment

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