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Severe weather crossword

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mitigation a type of wispy high altitude cloud
convection a violent whirling wind storm whith a funnel cloud
conduction a light fluffy cloud whith a flat bottom
Auroraborealis an overflowing body of watercaused by excessive precipitation or runoff
cumulus a type of cloud that appears to be layered
Tornado an exteneded period of time whith little or no rainfall
airmass northern lights, created by solar flaresreacting whith atoms in the atmosphere
radiation a large body of air whith the same tempature and humidity throughout
front a severe weather event associated whith flash floods, lightning and hail
stratus a circulating tropical storm whith high winds, a type of severe weather
drought heat transfer in the form of waves
Cirrus transfer of through a fluid- liquid or vapor
severeweather actions taken to make damage less severe
thunderstorm weather that theratens human safety of property
flood a flash of light ass ocated whith a discharge of atmospheric electricity
lightning the leading edge of a weather pattern, or boundry between air masses
hurricane the transfer of heat from one substance to another

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