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sound and light

allyx graves

No description

ear blending pitches to produced sound
noise variation in particular, in the amplitude or frequency of an electromagnetic wave
fundemental-tone high-frequency ultra-sonic waves
modulation sounds with more than 20,000hz
crest shaped like a snail shell
over-tones no pleasing quality
sound sounds with frequencies lower than 20hz
trough number of waves that pass a certain point in a given amount of time.
cochlea change in sound or light that occurs wherever there is motion between the source and it's observer
wave-speed higher frequencies and pitch
pitch depends on the frequeny of the sound.
sonar has three small bones the hammer the anvil and the stirrup
inner-ear high point of a wave
music low point of a wave
wave determines the loudness or softness of a sound
intensity the length from one crest/trough to another
wave-length traveling disturbance that carries energy from one place to another.
speed-of-sound frequency of a wave times wave length
ultra-sonic produced by vibrations that travel through longitudinal waves.
amplitude liquid filled portion of the ear; recieves vibrations from the middle ear
doppler-effect the greatest distance from the resting position of a wave.
frequency lowest frequency and pitch
infrasonic material that the mechanical waves travel through.
medium pleasing quality
timbre determined by the tempurature, elasticity, and density of the medium.

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