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Atoms and the Structure of Matter


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transition metals a column on the periodic table; also called "family"
ionic bond covalently bonded compound that contains carbon
bond length attractive force that holds chemicals together
biochemical compound ion with a positive charge
amino acid biological polymer of bonded amino acids
alkali metals average distance between nuclei of two bonded atoms
carbohydrate large organic molecule made of many smaller units
neutron bond formed by positively charged metal ions and electrons around them
noble gases ion with a negative charge
anion group 17
electron simplest chemical formula of a compound
alkaline earth metals group 18
period one of 20 naturally occuring compounds that combine to form proteins
bond angle same atomic number, different mass
isotope organic compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
mole angle formed by two bonds to the same atom
covalent bond ion made of two or more covalently bonded atoms
polyatomic ion group 1
protein in the nucleus; positive charge
proton a row on the periodic table
organic compound in the nucleus; no charge
cation chemical formula that gives the actual numbers of atoms in one molecule
halogens the mass of one mole of a substance
chemical bond the counting unit of chemistry
group bond formed by the attraction of opposite charges
metallic bond arrangement of bonded atoms or ions
empirical formula organic compound that has important role in living things
molecular formula bond formed when electrons are shared
chemical structure group 2
polymer outside the nucleus; negative charge
molar mass groups 3 through 12

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