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Ultrasound terminology

Natalie Howard

No description

fat portion of liver lying posterior to porta hepatis
ligaments cleanse the blood of bacteria
caudate anechoic, smooth wall, well-defined
Kupffer cells causes posterior shadowing and increased attenuation of sound beam
hypoechoic pancreas location
four where bile is stored post cholecystectomy
composition echo-free appearance
anechoic location of a ectopic kidney
phrygian cap manufactures bile
Reidel's lobe ________ function aids in digestion
gerota's the aorta is _____ to the diaphragm
homogenous GI tract walls are generally what echogenicity in comparison to surrounding structures
hepatoduodenal ligament upper limits of normal size for IVC is _______cm
exocrine includes left gastric artery, hepatic artery and splenic artery
calculi The __________ passes through the diaphragm
left abnormalities should be describe with size, location and ...
ligamentum teres separates renal pyramids
celiac trunk aorta bifurcates into this at fourth lumbar verterbra
Santorini's formed by obliterated left umbilical vein
column of Bertin attach the liver to the diaphragm, stomach, anterior abdominal wall and retroperitoneum
cyst gallbladder fundus folded over
inferior measurement of CBD should be at _______ part of lumen.
widest TGC
liver an accessory duct in the pancreas
pelvic a fascia that surrounds kidney, perinephric fact and adrenal gland
reticuloendothelial the IVC ______the retroperitoneum of the abdominal cavity
posterior innermost layer of aorta
renal pelvis surrounds portal triad adjacent to porta hepatis
main lobar fissure echotexture of renal cortex
ascends who can give a legal diagnostic impression
inferior vena cava surrounds kidney in perinephric space
iliac arteries the middle aorta is ______the celiac trunk
time-gain compensation which kidney is higher
retroperitoneal normal variant of liver
physician spleen is part of what system
common duct separates right and left hepatic lobes
intima urine reservoir

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