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Learn Your Science Vocabulary!

Vanessa Edwards

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Liter What is (g.)abbreviated for?
Procedure States the problem you wish to solve in question format.
Independent Variable Help us solve problems and deals with things difficult to see because they are too large or too small.
Hypothesis The practical use of scientific information to prove the quality of human life
Weight The amount of space occupied by an object.
Observation Using your sences to gather information.
Gram What (L.) abbreviated for?
Time The statement written with an if ....then....in the begining.
Temperature What you think happened after your observation.
Investigative Question Organize the data collected from the expirinment.
Volume The measurement of the force of gravity on an object.
Inference Graph with bars.
Technology What is (m.) abbreviated for?
Dependent Variable What you tell on your watch.
Model The factors that are kept the same to assure the tests is fair.
Meter Graph used for weather.
Physical Science The study of matter and energy.
Bar Graph What you are testing for its affect on the experiment.
Data Table The SI unit for time.
Pie Graph The order you do something.
Constant Variable The real wor for Temp.
Second The measurement outcome of the expirinment.
Theory A measurement of the amount of matter in an object.
Line Graph The most logical explanationof why thing work the way they work.
Mass Graph used to tell a percent.

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