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Solve the puzzle with 20 clues across and 20 clues down. Simple!

Teeth Often deliberate, but, natural.
Eye Two or more atoms bound together.
Ocean This is made of dead plants 300 million tears old.
Molecule ______ cells carry out anaerobic respiration.
Kevlar A plant hormone.
Coal An earthquake is a San Andreas _______.
Nerves One of Jupiter's moons.
Leaf These control the ways your body moves and functions.
Gibberellins The name in which your brain remembers things.
Yeast They work on small particles such as bacteria and fungi.
Friction The image seen in a mirror.
Pinna The visible part of an ear.
Reflection Tiny indivisible particles.
Memory A long chain molecule made up of smaller units called monomers.
Anvil Ondotologists examine these at a crime scene.
Protons Positively charged ions.
Aluminium These feed on the remains of deceased animals and plants.
Scavenger A planet as well as an element.
Oil Slick The name of the opening in the centre of the iris.
Sclera Volcanoes contain molten rock called __________.
Auxin The method used to see if the right variables match the hypothesis.
Bathyscaphe An element with the symbol K.
Decomposer A natural dispersion of light.
Magma There is static, sliding, rolling and fluid _______.
Mercury A body part that is often useful for forensics investigators.
Meninges A girls' best friend.
Diamond The coloured part of this is known as the iris.
Eardrum Part of a plant.
Validity A type of bone located in the ear.
Ammonia Controls the rate of growth in plants.
Lips Referred to as "White of the eye".
Gravity Was used to explore the deepest parts of the ocean.
Rainbow There is none of this in space.
Narcotic A powerful painkiller.
Fault The technical word for this is tympanic membrane and is related to a body part.
Potassium This element was discovered in 1826.
Pupil Certain bacteria obtain their energy source from _____.
Atoms They say there is a frozen ______ on the moons of Jupiter.
Io Three membranes together are known as ______.

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