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Science Crossword

Dylan Taber

No description

factor of safety a series of triangles
shear opposing pulling or pushing force
twist walls are one
stable torsion may cause this
database too big to move
gusset pulling force
solid structure curves
torsion it makes you buy new products
rotational a force
frame structure a method of strengthing joints
arch commpression forces cause this
symmetrical causes buckling
strut a computer program that organises data
static loads a dome is one
structural failures the mass is concentrated here
corrugated part of a house
planned obsolescence resists compression
workplan symmetry with two sides
magnitude tension can cause one
load load is multiplied by it
live load symmetry with many sides
dead load a plan to help organise a work site
tension unchanging forces
centre of gravity changing load caused by regular use
shell structure structurally sound
dynamic loads changing forces caused by nature
bend caused by tension
tie gravity causes this
buckle resists tension
compression pleats
reflectional twisting
mass structure strength of a force
truss a bonding of two layers
lamination mirror images

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