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Science 8 - Unit B - Chapter 1

Ms. Roussel

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metabolism Substances that provide the energy and materials that organisms need to grow, develop, and reproduce.
cell Within each cell all of the specialized structures that carry out specific funtions can be called.
nervous The many body parts that help us do things are called _______________.
reproduce This tissue covers the surface of your body and the outside of your organs.
excretory This plant tissue is made up of phloem and xylem.
multicellular This system transports carbon dioxide from the blood to the outside air.
circulatory Is found in most bones and makes red blood cells.
selectively permeable This system contains the kidneys, bladder, lungs, skin, and liver.
response This system breaks down food pieces so they can be absorbed and transported through the body.
red blood cells A Snowshoe hare's fur changing colour from summer to winter is an example of an ____________.
pseudopods A membrane which allows some particles to pass through and not others.
structure Common unicellular organisms that live in water.
micro-organisms This system connects all other organ system.
cells The movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
photosynthetic Also called a cell's "command centre".
cell membrane This plant tissue uses the sunlight to produce sugar that the plant uses for energy.
nucleus Most multicellular organisms are made up of this type of cell.
organisms Unicellular organisms which are covered with cilia.
mycoplasma This is the idea that living things could come from non-living things.
osmosis All living things are called.
diffusion The diffusion of water.
stimulus Cells with similar structure and function organize into ____________.
digestive A group of tissues that work together to perform a specific function.
marrow All living things _______________.
organ This system provides a support frame for the body.
tissue Another word to describe microscopic organisms.
skeletal This looks like a thin line that surrounds the whole cell.
grow Organisms that are made up of two or more cells.
energy All living things need ____________.
nervous Are called a plant cell's "solar panels".
specialized Similar cells combine to form ___________.
nutrients This system coordinates and controls the actions of all organs and organ systems.
tissue Organisms that are made up of only a single cell.
organelles The smallest kind of organism scientists have discovered so far belongs to a group of organisms called ______________.
mitochondria The sum of all the different processes that happen in an organism.
vacuoles The smallest known functioning unit of life.
connective This tissue allows you to move.
amoeba All living things are made up of _______________.
organ system This tissue makes up your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.
function Where a cell's chemical reactions occur that convert the energy the cell recieves into a form it can use.
respiratory A group of organs working together to perform a specific task.
cytoplasm A liquid inside the cell which has grainy-looking bits in it.
epithelial All living things _____________.
muscle Anything that causes a response in an organism.
chloroplasts Cells which carry oxygen to all the cells of your body.
adaptation Jumping out of the way of a moving car is an example of a ____________.
paramecium This tissue supports and connects different parts of the body.
spontaneous generation Used by amoeba to move around and capture food.
unicellular Each structure has a specific _______________.
transport Are the "storage rooms" of a cell where nutrients, water and other substances are stored by the cell.

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