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CLA201 Latin and Greek Scientific Terminology


This puzzle is intended to help the students in CLA201 with Latin prefixes, suffixes, and basic vocabularies.

objective not/to mix/ability
antepartum together/to lead/agent
semidemi behind/brain
conductor below/rib
ambient down from/mind/QCS
transaudient excessive/movement./QSC
intracervical against/through/QSC
immiscible backward/nose/pertaining to
anteroinferior around/mouth
binaural out of/go
postcerebral opposite/side
retronasal apart from/crowd/action or condition resulting from action
contralateral around/to go/present participle ending
nonego on the outside/cell/small/pertaining to
preterlethal in front of/chin/QSC
afferent beside/joint
ultramotivity in/carry/action or condition resulting from action
segregation again/to blossom/step-by-step
circumoral before/to give birth
abscission apart from/to separate
ingestation across/to hear/present participle ending
exit beyond/death/pertaining to
infracostal half/half
subcutis above/knee/pertaining to
pellucid throughout/clear
progenia within/neck/pertaining to
introjection below/skin
justarticular between/tooth/place
demilune not/I
precordium front or forward part of/below
extracellular away from/to cut/action or condition resulting from action
discrete toward/to carry/present participle ending
reflorescence half/moon
interdentium twice/ear
dementia in front of/heart
supergenual inward/to throw

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