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All About Air

Miss Bursell

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electricity Rain that mixes with carbon dioxide forms ________________.
pollution When air reaches the ____________ level it cannot hold any more water.
cirrus We are told by God to be good __________ of the resources that He has given us.
hydrological A hurricane forms over ____________.
humid Air that has water in it is called ________.
precipitation To qualify as a hurricane, the storm must have winds over __________ mph.
recycle Scientists use __________ and satellites to track tornadoes and hurricanes.
cumulus A front is the leading edge of an _______ _________.
TornadoAlley A hurricane often will last for _________.
volcano The high clouds, located 20-40 thousand feet high are called __________.
clouds The weather at the center of a hurricane is ___________.
tornado Turning off the lights when you leave a room can help reduce the use of _______________.
dewpoint The temperature at which water vapor condenses into a liquid is the _______________.
stratus Places near bodies of water have more humidity than areas such as ____________.
meet People have tried filters and ___________ smokestacks to reduce pollution problems.
airmass Stratus clouds often produce ________.
carbonicacid ___________ air holds more water vapor.
warm The center of a hurricane is called the ________.
dust Different types of ______________ include air, water, and ground.
water Humidity is effected by the _______________ cycle.
windspeed Rain and snow are forms of _______________.
acidrain On a weather map, _________ fronts are shown by half circles.
eye Triangle represent __________ fronts on a weather map.
relativehumidity Water molecules surround ____________ to form clouds.
calm Cirrus clouds are made of ____ ____________.
deserts Cars give off carbon _____________ in the exhaust.
icecrystals Clouds that form a thick layer.
warm The midwest area of the United States where more tornadoes occur is known as _____________________.
taller A storm that often forms when two fronts collide.
rain Particulates can be found in the air after a _____________ has erupted.
cold One way to reduce pollution is to ____________.
weeks ____________ clouds are puffy and billowy.
stewards A tornado forms over __________.
saturation Clouds will form over the area where a cold front and a warm front _________.
land Masses of water particles floating together are called ____________.
radar The amount of water vapor in the air compared to how much could be in the air
monoxide A tornado can have a ________ __________ up to 300 miles per hour.
seventyfive The earth and animals are often affected by ________ ___________.

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