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Cub Scout Pack 23 Den 5 (2007-9)

To help Webelos scouts learn the Boy Scout Law, Oath, Motto, and Slogan while having some fun learning

Motto 3 fingers, holding your right arm up while bent at a 90 degree angle at the elbow palm up and facing out
Oath regardless of race, nationality and respects others even if beliefs and customs differ from his own
Friendly work to pay own way and help others; conserves for future
Kind a promise made; contains three core promises
Courteous can face danger even if he is afraid.
Loyal Be Prepared
Slogan willingly volunteers without expecting payment or reward
Obedient treats others as a scout wants to be treated
Reverent faithful in religious duties; respects beliefs of others
Clean Sign with fingers touching right eyebrow
Salute look for the bright side of life
Law Do a Good Turn Daily
Helpful honest; tells the truth and keeps promises
Thrifty true to his family, friends, school, nation, and scout leaders
Cheerful polite; uses good manners
Trustworthy twelve points a scout must live by
Sign keeps mind and body fit.
Handshake follows the rules of family, school, troop, community, and country
Brave left hand grasping left hand of other. fingers do not interlock

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