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Arrow of Light

Rebecca Long

No description

cheerful As an Americam I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and be conservation minded.
thrifty fourth part of Scout Law
doagoodturndaily Scout slogan
obedient promise
morallystraight first three words of the Scout Oath
kind when Scouts move through ranks
outdoorcode how many parts are there in the Scout Law?
trustworthy eleventh part of Scout Law
oath ...I will do my best to do my ______
courteous sixth part of Scout Law
reverent creator of the world
onmyhonor fifth part of Scout Law
helpful the eagle on the first class badge
loyal ...do my duty to God and my __________
advancement last two words of the Scout Oath
nationalemblem second part of Scout Law
clean ready to learn
friendly Scout motto
beprepared twefth part of Scout Law
mentallyawake the badge we learned about
God third part of Scout Law
brave eighth part of Scout Law
duty tenth part of Scout Law
country first part of Scout Law
firstclass ninth part of Scout Law
twelve seventh part of Scout Law
physicallystrong ...to keep myself __________________

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