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Troop 14 crossword

Quint Roth

No description

summercamp done with bow and arrow
swimming must go hiking to obtain this rank
rockettrip only test you have to take at summer camp
secondclass organization you are part of
meritbadge earned when all scout skills are learned
cookit without this, camping would be very cold
eaglescout earned at summer camp
seniorpatrolleader merit badge scoutmaster teaches
patrol leader of troop
kingphillip some think this is the hardest merit badge
americanflag second class requirement
camping what we do in the summer
totinchip Troop 14's first Scoutmaster
dutchoven who helps new scouts
fire cooking tool
scoutmaster not canoeing but...
wanocksett almost to the top of the mountain
whitewaterrafting what scouts sleep in
starscout where troop 14 goes to summer camp
scribe before you eat it, you have to...
environmentalscience start giving back to scouting
firstaide fund raiser
troop council name
sevenrivers Troop 14's summer camp campsite
historian cook on
skiing sub-division of troop
firstclass when you learn how to use a saw and axe, you get
sleepingbag all patrols together
guide yearly november trip
bottleandcandrive who takes the pictures
knife who collects dues
flashlight beginning of eagle trail
canoeing every scout wants to be one
lifescout basic skill of a scout
familylife cannot see at night without this
tenderfoot district name
tent easiest merit badge
boyscouts we try to go every month
fingerprinting adult leader of troop
coincollecting yearly trip
hiking boy scout tool
archery scoutmaster fell in water two seconds into trip
oldcolony merit badge Mr. O'Malley teaches
leeconsoletti top patch on right shoulder

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