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Wood Badge Crossword 0208

Michael Marks

Wood Badge Crossword #1

Ticket All patrols together
GreaterAlabama Five Significant Goals
GilwellPark Our Council Name
SeniorPatrolLeader Large horned animal in Africa
EagleScout Top award in Boy Scouts for youth
CarrytheSpark Top patch on the right shoulder
Scoutmaster Top award for Cub Scouts for youth
AmericanFlag Site of first Wood Badge in 1919
Patrol Chief Scout of the World
TroopGuide Sub-division of the troop
Kudu Top Youth Leader of the Troop
SMART Theme of Course
Troop Top adult leader in the troop
ArrowofLight Helps new scouts in the troop
Baden-Powell Specific_Measurable_Attainable_Relevent_Time-based
ONE Totem of Gilwell Park
AxandLog The troop you're in now

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