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Holly Marx

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Interaction The study of human socities
Political Sceince The comparative study of past and present cultures
Positive Sanction Organization of written and spoken symbols into a standardized
Technology System of beliefs or ideas that justifies some social,moral,religious or economice intrests
Ideology Observable facts or events that involvehuman society
Diffusion State of Balance between cooperation and conflict.
Norms Process by which a norm becomes a part of an individuals personality,thereby conditioning the individual to conformto societies expectations
folkways Group of people gathered in the same place at the same time who lack organization or lasting patterns of interaction
Negative Sanction Shared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in specific situations
Psychology Sanction in the form of punishment or the threat of punishment
Cultural log Situation in which some aspectsof culture change less rapidly
Social Movement Spread of culture traits, ideas,acts, beliefs and material objects
Group Negative consequence an element has for the stability of the social system.
Sanctions Study of the organization and operation of governments
Anthropolgy How people relate to one another and influence each others behavior
Reformulation Knowledge and tools people use for practical purposes
Accomodation Disciplines that study human social behavior
Dyad The process of adapting borrowed cultural traits.
Manifest Function Rewards or punishment use to enforce conformity to norms
Dysfunction Sanction in the form of a reward
Sociology Group with two members.
Anthropolgy Long team conscious efort to promote or prevent social change
Language Norms that do not have great moral significance attached to them
Reformulation The process of adapting borrowed cultural traits
Social phenomena Practice of exchanging one good for another.
Aggregate Enforcing of norms through either internalization or sanctions
Social Sceinces Comparative study of various aspects of past and present cultures
Internalization Intended and recognized consequence of some element of society.
Barter Social science that deals w/ the behavior and thinking of organisms
Social Control Set of two or more people

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