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Chapter 6 Vocabulary Words


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coercion People who share a social characteristic
ironlawofoligarchy People who share only part of their lives while focusing on a goal or task
primarygroup A web of social relationships that join a person to other people in groups
power Interaction aimed at defeating an opponent
authority Self-deceptive thinking that is based on conformity to group beliefs, and created by group pressure to conform
socialexchange The legitimate or socially approved use of power
rationalization Theory that power increasingly becomes concentrated in the hands of a few members of any organization
bureaucracy Interaction in which individuals or groups combine their efforts to reach a goal
outgroup Interactions that are intimate, personal, caring, and fulfilling
conflict A group deliberately created to achieve one or more long term goals
primaryrelationships Behavior that matches group expectations
conformity Exclusive group demanding intense loyalty
groupthink Groups with a formal organization in which personal relationships are guided by norms, rituals, and sentiments that are not part of the formal organization
socialnetwork At least two people who have one or more goals in common and share common ways of thinking and behaving
referencegrpup A voluntary action performed in the expectation of getting a reward in return
secondaryrelationships the mind-set emphasizing knowledge, reason, and planning
informalorganization The ability to control the behavior of others
group Interaction in which individuals or groups are forced to behave in a particular way
socialcategory People temporarily in the same place at the same time
cooperation Impersonal interactions involving limited parts of personalities
ingroup People who are emotionally close, know one another well, and seek one another's company
socialaggregate Group targeted by an in-group for opposition, antagonism, or competition
formalorganization A formal organization based on rationality and efficiency
secondarygroup Group used for self-evaluation and the formation of attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms

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