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The Wonderful World of Astronomy

Liz Starley

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water A system of stars that have more then one sun and include binary stars is called a _____.
NuclearFusion Because of the Doppler Effect, as a star moves _____from us it's spectra is shifted towards the blue.
speedoflight What process happens in the core of a star?
away Because of the Doppler Effect, as a star moves _____ from us it's spectra is shifted towards the red.
quasar What size of star is our sun?
towards Infared,visable, radio, ultra-violet, and x-ray are all different kinds of what?
telescopes 186,000 miles per second is what?
redshifts If the universe will eventually collapse on itself, it will be called a _____.
closeduniverse One peice of evidence for the Big Bang is that we see mostly red shifts.
hydrogenandhelium A space cloud of many gases moving throughout space where stars form is called a _____.
medium Between 13 and 15 billion years ago, all matter and energy were together. Then something happened that caused them to expand and move away from each other. What was this called?
waterandoxygen The Big Bang is responsibe for most of the ______in the atmosphere.
Nebula A starlike object that sends out radio waves, and are 12 billion lightyears away (this means that we can see into the past) are called what?
constellation What evidence is there that life may exist on mars?
multiplestarsystem What are two things that earth needs inhabit life?
TheBigBang If the universe will expand forever, it will be called a _____.
openuniverse A group of stars that really aren't close together is a_____.

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