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Kaela Mcbride

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Supercluster The arm that William Morgan discoverd.
Mass In gas 200 million solar masses
Persues Large groups of stars, dust, and ,gas.
Galaxy The arm goes all the way around the milky way before forming out
Irregular Galaxy began to classify galaxies mostly by there shape.
Ellipitacal Galaxy Is an Elliptical galaxy
Sagittauris Are sometimes called "armless spiral galaxies."
Milky Way Is an Irregular galaxy
M87 Has smaller clusters in it.
Spiral Galaxy Can be circular or egg-shaped
Light Years The most common type of galaxy.
Andromeda galaxy Smaller galaxies
Lenticular Galaxies The galaxy that we live in.
Hubble Space Telescope Missing phrase2 - 4
Large Magellanic Cloud Are formed is when galaxies collide or come close to one another
Dwarf galaxy Is a spiral galaxy similar to what our galaxy is thought to look like.

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