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Module 16 Space

By Ajarn Kriengkrai Sakulprasertsri

Name............................................................................... Class.........

image m______ is a substance, for example plastic, leather, wood, stone, etc. that you can use to make things.
alien s_____ is a small amount of something that you can use to find out what all of it is like.
scientist m______ is a set of checks to find out how healthy you are.
insect t_____ is knowledge, equipment, methods, etc. in machines, for example computers.
meteor r______ is a method of finding the position of things using radio signals.
medical test a______ is a creature from another world.
parachute c______ is a bright object in the sky like a star with a tail.
technology s_____ is a vehicle that can travel in space.
material s_____ is someone who studies science.
spaceship b______ is a plastic bag filled with air or a gas that weighs less the air.
comet p______ is a piece of equipment like a wide piece of cloth over your head that you can use to come down to the ground after leaving a plane.
star p______ is someone who controls a plane when it is flying.
sample s_____ is a small, bright light you can see in the sky at night.
pilot i______ is what you see in a picture, on television, etc.
balloon i______ is a small animal with six legs, for example an ant.
radar m______ is a piece of rock moving extremely fast in space that we see as a line of light in the sky.

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