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Neptune - The Blue Planet

Tyler Robbins

Important Facts About Neptune

eighth A bright mark on the surface of Neptune
Math Neptune's seasons last ______ years
Scooter You cannot see Neptune using your ______
Triton There are 13 of these that go around Neptune
Pluto Neptune is the _____largest of the planets.
Seas Neptune would hold this many Earths inside of it
years Neptune is named after the Roman God of the _____
eyes Why Neptune has a blue color
cold A year on Neptune is ______than a year on Earth
gas Neptune is called the ______ planet
Blue Another smaller mark on the surface of Neptune
Adams People think dark circles on the planet are caused by winds and ______
Voyager Time information: Mon Mar 21 14:03:36 2005 Start Mon Mar 21 14:03:36 2005 Finish Last planet on the other side of Neptune
fourth The _______ 2 was a space ship that took pictures of Neptune
moons Neptune is this number from the sun.
Uranus Planet next to Neptune
GreatDarkSpot Neptune was discovered by using _______
forty He discovered Neptune
longer Neptune is a_______ planet because it is far from the sun
SmallDarkSpot If you weighed 100 ______on earth you would weigh 119 _____ on Neptune
rings Name of a picture on Neptune's planet
pounds A day on Neptune is _____ hours
storms It takes 165 Earth ____for Neptune to go past the sun
sixty Neptune has light ______ around it like Saturn
nineteen Name of one of the moon of Neptune

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