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Early Russian Space Program

Bob Cobb

No description

Sputnik1 first man in space
Proton operating frequency of a radio
Baikonur carried first animal into space
Cosmonaut Russian lunar space vehicle
JosephStalin second ruler of U.S.S.R
Burntime first man made thing in space
Nuclearmissiles the combining of lighter elements to make heavier ones
R-7 all manned space flights launched from
N1-L3 a communist state
Hydrogenbomb amount of time a stage of a rocket burns
Sputnik2 Soviet launch vehicle
U.S.S.R carries nuclear missile miles and miles
YuriGagarn Russian launch vehicle
Fusion Time information: Mon Mar 21 16:54:22 2005 Start Mon Mar 21 16:54:22 2005 Finish what Russian call astronauts
Megacycles needs A-bomb to go off

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