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What Can we See in the Sky, and the Effects of Planetary Motion

Jennifer Yapp and Mona Qubti

Please complete this puzzle based on what you've learned during our presentation. Use the clues given to help you in finding the answers to fill in the blanks. You may use your textbooks to guide you. Some may not be in the textbook so your backround knowledge may be an advantage for you. Enjoy! =)

planetes Does not emit its own light
constellations The Sun and all the and all the objects traveling around it, including the nine known planets and the mooms of those planets.
rotation When an object spins around its axis.
astronomy An imaginary straight line that cuts across the centre of the Earth and joins the North and South Pole.
star The study of what is beyond Earth.
orion Part of the Ursa Major, a constellation also called the Great Bear.
axis All matter and energy, including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.
luminous Visible in Autumn - A winged horse that with a stroke of his hoof caused the fountain Hippocrene to spring forth from Mount Helicon, and a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Andromeda
leo Visible in the Wintertime - He is the master of the winter skies and lords over the heavens from late fall to early spring, with his hunting dog Sirius trailing at his feet.
universe A large collection of matter that gives off huge amounts of energy.
revolution The Greek word for "wandering stars"
aquila The Greek word for "animal sign".
big dipper Gives off its own self-generated light.
solar system A constellation named after an animal.
nonlunimous This is visible in the summertime and is known as the bird who brought rain and the keeper of Zeus' lightning bolts.
pegasus A generally spherical piece of matter, that revolves around a star.
zodiac constellations A group of stars which form images that poets, farmers and astronomers have made up over the past 6,000 years.
zodion Is visible in the Spring - A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Cancer and Virgo, containing the bright stars Regulus and Denebola.
planet The travelling of one object moving around another.

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