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Jack thornhill

this crossword is all about space like spaceships planets largest star and much much more

VOYAGER This mission had two spacecraft that gave us a beautiful tour of the solar system
VENERA This Russian mission has a manned space station above Earth right now
MIR This program landed on Mars and sent back live pictures
HUBBLE The most famous manned space lfight program. This one landed men on the Moon
MERCURY This space telescope has sent back some of the most incredible pictures of our universe
PATHFINDER This Russian mission sent back our only pictures from the surface of Venus
APOLLO This was America's first manned space flight program
VIKING This Mars mission is in progress now and will give us a very good look at the Red Planet
GEMINI This was America's second manned space flight program. The capsules carried two astronauts
SURVEYOR This mission is at Jupiter right now and is studying Jupiter and its moons
SHUTTLE This program has the ony reusable spacecraft
GALILEO This mission landed on Mars in the summer of 1997 and had a robot called Sojourner

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